Stud Bolt B7

Stud Bolt B7

A193 B7 A194 2H stud bolts and nuts, stud bolt with nut and washer

  • Standard: ANSI B 18.31.1
  • Size:1/4'' to 4''
  • Finish: Black, HDG, Zinc Nickel, Dacromet, PTFE
  • Grade: ASTM A193 B7, A194 2H, A563
  • Application: Oil & Gas, Water Pipelines, Valves, Wind Turbine etc

Stud Bolt B7 | B7 Studs and Nuts | Stud Bolt Manufacturer

Stud Bolt B7 - Providing Strength and Durability to Your Projects

Stud bolts and nuts play a vital role in the industrial sector, especially in the construction of oil and gas pipelines, water pipe projects, valves, power plants, heavy duty machinery, electricity and wind energy towers etc. Ningbo Fastenwell as a leading stud bolt B7 manufacturer and supplier in China, we manufacture and provide B7 studs and nuts in worldwide market for over 15 years.

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  • Stud Bolt B7 with Nuts 2H
  • Stud Bolt B7 assembled with Nuts A563 and Washers F436

What is ASTM A193 Grade B7 stud bolts?

Stud bolt B7 is high strength stud bolt as per standard ASTM A193, which made from special alloy steel grade B7 and offers exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion as well as working in high temperature environments. The composition of stud bolt B7 includes chromium and molybdenum, which give it the ability to withstand extreme conditions, making it a popular choice for critical applications.

What's the advantages of stud bolt B7?

Stud bolt B7 is available in various sizes and specifications, making it most suitable for most industrial applications such as chemical, petrochemical, power generation and offshore drilling which rely on stud bolt B7 for its excellent performance and reliability. Meanhile, with its high strength, stud bolt B7 is easy to install and maintain, particularly the double end stud design ensures a secure fit and helps to reduce the chance of loosening over time. Also the stud bolt's threading is precise, ensuring uniform torquing for a secure joint.

What nuts go with B7 studs?

The nuts usually assembled with stud bolt B7 are heavy hex nuts ASTM A194 2H in most common seen projects like valves, oil & gas pipelines, water pipe projects, electricity tower, wind turbines etc. For special requirements for heavy hex nuts A563 can also be meeted.

Who supplies B7 studs? How do you find reliable stud bolt supplier?

When selecting stud bolt B7 for your projects, it's crucial to source them from a reputable manufacturer, because the manufacturing process can impact the quality of the stud bolt and nut, affecting its performance and reliability. Also the support work with assembling the stud bolt and nut, as well as conducting essential tests are very important. As a leading stud bolt manufacturer and supplier, we can provide you with high quality A193 B7 A194 2H stud bolts and nuts that meet your specific project requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our range of products and how they can benefit your business.

In conclusion, stud bolt B7 and nuts A194 2H are important in industrial and construction projects, if you are looking for reliable stud bolt B7 manufacturer and supplier, or need stud bolt b7 specifications and b7 stud bolt chart, please feel free to ask us via email, we look forward to support you and provide our best quality and prices.

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