Valve Cover Stud, Valve Fasteners, arp valve cover studs

Valve Cover Stud, Valve Fasteners, arp valve cover studs

ARP Valve Cover Studs, Valve Bolts, Valve Fastener Facotory

  • Standard:ASME B18.31.2, ASME B18.31.3
  • Size:3/16' to 2'
  • Finish:HDG, Black Oxide, Zinc Nickle, PEFE Teflon, Dacromet etc
  • Grade:A490, A320, A193 B7, B7M, B8, B8M, 8.8
  • Application:Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Valve, Water/Pressure Tanks...

Valve Fasteners | ARP Valve Cover Stud | Valve Fasteners Manufacturer


Fastenwell, as a leading bolt factory and valve fasteners manufacturers in China, we manufacture and supply high strength bolts, nuts and studs for various industrial and construction applications. Valve fasteners, petrochemical fasteners,automotive fasteners, wind tower fasteners are our main industries we are serving and supporting.

Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless steel valve rods

Grade: ASTM A490,A320,A193, A194, B7, B7M, B8, B8M, 8.8

Finish: Black, Zinc, ZnNi, Hot dip galvanizing, Dacromet, Teflon, etc.

Thread: Full thread or double end studs

Application: Oil & Gas, Valves, Pipeline, Water Treatment, Energy etc.

Package: 25kgs/carton or bundle, 36cartons/pallet

Delivery: 30-60 days

As an expert in the list of fasteners company in valve applications, both standard and non-standard & special valve fasteners can be manufactured, customized and supplied from our company. Looking for valve bolt, stud and rods, please contact us


Main Valves Fasteners and Valve Cover Stud Bolt We Manufacture

  • Valve Rods
  • Valve Cover Stud / ARP Valve Cover Studs / Valve Cover Stud Kit
  • Valve Cover Fasteners
  • Valve Bolt
  • Pipe Firrings Valves Supports and Fasteners
  • Valve Tag Fasteners
  • Bolt in Valve Stem Installation
  • Hex Bolts Full Thread & Half Thread DIN933, DIN931
  • Heavy Hex Nuts 2H
  • Threaded Rods B7
  • Double End Studs with Nuts
  • Hex Socket Cap Screws DIN912
  • Self Locking Nuts
  • Hex Flange Nuts
  • Flat Washers
  • Butterfly Valve Bolt Kit
  • Valve Cover Stud Kit


Different Types of Valves our Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts and Studs used for:

  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves


With international valves market growing, our valve fasteners export has increase dramaticlly in past years, especially in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia Market. Valbe studs, bolts and rods are the top three products we manufacture and export for valve applications.


Our Customers in Valve Applications

  • Valves Manufacturer
  • Valves Wholesaler and Maintenance
  • Contractor for Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Waster Treatment, Energy etc
  • Trading Company (Pipe fittings valves supports and fasteners)


Valve fasteners are high strenth fasteners, most common seen are grade 8.8, ASTM193, A320, A490,B7, B7M, B8, B8M etc. The coating for valve fasteners and bolt are HDG, Zinc Nickle, Black Oxide, Dacromet, PTFE Teflon in different colors.


What is a valve bolt?

Valve bolt is usually high strength hex head bolt and screw, heavy hex bolts,also known as pressure bolt which can resist high pressure, high temperature applications. ASTM 490, A320, A193 B7 bolt and studs are widely used to secure valves, pipeline, pressure tanks and flanges etc.


What's the difference between valve cover studs and bolts?(valve cover studs vs bolts)

Valve cover studs with the same thread on both end with no head, while valve cover bolts with only thread on one end and the other end is hexagon or socket head. Most common seen valve bolts are hexagon head bolts and hex socket cap screws DIN912.


What included in valve cover stud kit?

A complete set of valve cover stud kut including thread rods or studs, nuts and washers.


What the advantage of valve cover stud kit?

  • Easy installation
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Provide uniform clamping for positive seal
  • Bullet tip design

For valve cover stud kit, please feel free to contact us at


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