Heavy Hex Bolts Structural Bolts A325

Heavy Hex Bolts Structural Bolts A325

Heavy Hex Bolts, Structural Bolts a325, Structural Steel Bolts

  • Standard:ASTM A325, A490, A307
  • Sizes:1/2'' to 1 1/2''
  • Surface:Black, HDG, Zinc
  • Grade:A325, A490, A307

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High Strength Heavy Hex Structural Bolts

Heavy hex structural bolts is a mainstay of Fastenwell bolts range, especially astm a325, a490, a307, which are mostly required and used in construction projects like tunnel and bridge, railway, oil and gas, as well as wind energy industry. Heavy hex structural bolts offer high strength and durability in these hostile applications.


Main Characteristics of Heavy Hex Bolts:

  • Material: Medium Carbon Steel
  • Size: 1/2'' to 1-1/2''
  • Grade: ASTM A325, A490, A307, 10.9, 12.9
  • Surface Finish: Plain, Black, Zinc, Hot dip galvanizing
  • Thread: Full thread or half thread
  • Application: Construction Fasteners(bridge, railway, road building), Oil & Gas Fasteners, Petrochemical Fasteners, Solar fasteners
  • Package: Small box, or 25kgs/carton, 36cartons/pallet
  • Delivery: 30 days
  • Customized heavy hex bolts and nuts are available as per your samples or design.


For heavy hex structural bolts dimensions metric sizes, or A325 bolt weight, please send request at info@fastenwell.cn


Fastenwell Hex Bolts Categories

Our bolts range including heavy hex bolts, hexagon head bolts, hex tap bolts, hexagon structural bolts, hex cap bolts, carriage bolts, hex flange bolts, hex socket head cap bolts, machine bolts etc.

If you couldnot find the bolts you want in our page, please send picture or drawing to our sales representives.

Heavy Hex Structural Bolts Production

Bolts are the main products we have in our production lines. Small boxes or regular cartons package are available.

Hexvy Hex Bolts Vs Hex Bolts

Heavy hex bolts with larger and thicker heads and shorten thread than standard hex head bolts.


What is a heavy hex structural bolt?

Heavy hex structural bolts have larger and thicker heads than standard hex head bolts, they usually come in bigger sizes and high performance grade. Heavy hex structural bolts and nuts are widely used in construction applications and projects like building, bridge and road construction.


Which type of bolt is a structural bolt?

Most common seed structural bolts are ASTM A325, ASTM A490, A307b etc, they are widely used in construction bolting structure.


Are A325 Bolts Heavy Hex?

The ASTM A325 are high strength heavy hex structural bolts, sizes and diameter range from 1/2'' to 1-1/2''. Heavy hex structural bolts ASTM A325 are used for structural connections which have larger and thicker heads than standard hexagon head bolts.


What are structural bolts used for?

Structural bolts are used to fasten wood, steel or other construction materials. Structural bolts and nuts are usually used together to provide the heavy duty holds needed in steel building structure.


Do A325 bolts need washers?

Yes, A325 bolts require a washer under the bolts head or nuts to even the pressure and prevent the bolts from tight into the surface of materials.


Are bolts A325 structural steel?

The material we used to manufacturer A325 bolts is medium carbon steel.


What grade is a 325 bolt?

ASTM A325 heavy hex structural bolts can be considered equivalent to grade 8.8 bolts.


FAQ for Heavy Hex Structural Bolts

1. How long is your delivery time?

It takes 7-10 days for stock products. For bulk order, it will be in 30 days according to the order quantity.


2. Can we have samples?

Yes, free samples are available, if you have a courier acount like DHL/FEDEX/UPS to collect the samples.


3. Can we use our own head mark or customize package?

Yes, customize headmark and package are acceptable, please send the requirements when place order.


4. How can we make an order?

Please contact our sales representatives at info@fastenwell.cn


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