19 Sep 2023

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Fence Bolts and Nuts, Metal Fence Fasteners, Fence Panel Fasteners

Fence bolts, are commonly used to attach fence panels, gate hinges and other fixtures to wood posts. Except fence bolts, there are also fence screws, fence bolts and nuts set known as metal fence fasteners, wooden fence fasteners, wire fence fasteners, pence post fasteners, steel fence fasteners and fence panel fasteners etc.

The head of the fence bolt is usually hexagonal, cap or mushroon in shape, allowing it to be tightened using a wrench or socket. Many fence bolts come with a matching nut and washer to provide extra stability and security. Different types of fence bolts and fasteners including steel fence carriage bolt, wooden fence bolts, galvanized hexagon head fence bolts and nuts etc. While features from fence bolts coating and materials, there are black fence carriage bolts, galvanized fence carriage bolt, zinc fence carriage bolts as well as stainless steel fence carriage bolts.

Ningbo Fastenwell manufacture and export different fence bolts and nuts, as well as fence screws for most professional fence installers in worldwide market, especially galvanized fence carriage bolts, black fence carriage bolts and heavy duty fence bolt and nut.

Fence carriage bolts, some also call them coach bolts, mushroom bolts, cap head sqaure neck bolts etc, which are the most popular fence bolts in our regular production and exporting. If you have any request for metal fence fasteners or check fence screw size and length, please feel free to contact us via email info@fastenwell.cn.

What are fence bolts?

Fence bolts is a type of threaded fastener used for securing fencing components together. It is a long, usually galvanized bolt that typically measures between 25mm-300mm in length.

What kind of fences require reliable fence bolts?

  • Metal Fences
  • Electric Fences
  • Split Rail
  • Vinyl Fences
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Wood Fences
  • Picket Fences
  • Speciality Fences

As one of the most critical components in fence construction, fence bolt provides a secure and stable connection between the fence panel and the post. Ningbo Fastenwell produce a wide range of fence bolts in different sizes, shapes, materials and coatings. It's depend on the thickness of the fence panel and the size of the post to suggest the right fence bolt. Say a fence bolt that is too small will not hold the fence securely, while a bolt that is too large will cause splitting of the fence panel or post.

Fence bolts are usually made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, or zinc-coated steel to prevent rusting. These materials are sturdy and can withstand the outdoor elements, such as sunlight, rain and snow. Fence bolts are relatively easy to install, once the post is securely planted into the ground, the fence panel is attached to the post using fence bolts. The bolt must be tightened until it is snug, but not so tight that the fence panel splits or breaks.

How to find the right fence bolts and nuts?

As a professional fence bolts factory and manufacturer, here are some tips that can help you choose the right fence bolt:

  • Material. Select a fence bolt made from a material that suits your fence. For example, if you have a wooden fence, then choose a bolt made of galvanized steel, which is rust resistant and can withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • Size. Choose the right size of bolt that can firmly secure the fence panel. The bolt size vary depending on the thickness of the fence post, and the width of the panel and the spacing between posts.
  • Type. There are different types of bolts, such as carriage bolts & coach bolt, lag bolts and hex bolts. Choose the type that suits your project's needs. For example, carriage bolts are ideal for joining two pieces of wood, while lag bolts are good for attaching the fence to a concrete surface.
  • Corrosion. Look for bolts that are coated with a material that resists rust or corrosion when exposed to moisture or weathered areas to ensure they have a long life span. For example, black fence carriage bolt, galvanized fence carriage bolt, zinc coated fence carriage bolts etc.
  • Personal preference. Ultimately, choose the fence bolt that satisfies your preference and meets the fence requirements.

In conclusion, a reliable fence bolt can help to ensure that your fence stands strong and secure for years to come. If you are looking reliable fence bolt manufacturer, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@fastenwell.cn right now. Look forward to hear from you!


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