07 Jun 2022

Fasteners for Water Pipelines | Stainless Steel Fasteners

Fasteners for Water Pipelines | Stainless Steel Fasteners


With increasing demand for water and resources worldwide, there are more and more water pipelines projects and customers are coming to us for pipe fasteners, especially in middle east like U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, as well as Europe and Africa countries.


Fastenwell, as a professional pipe fasteners manufacturer, we manufacture and export stainless steel pipe fasteners, metal pipe fasteners, steel pipe fasteners, copper pipe fasteners etc. Especially for sewage handling, high corrosion atmosphere requires for special surface treatment for the pipe fasteners, say Chromium, nickel and HDG etc.


Pipe Fasteners, Water Pipelines Fasteners We Manufacture and Supply:


Stainless Steel Pipe Fasteners

Copper Pipe Fasteners

Metal Pipe Fasteners

Steel Pipe Fasteners

Hex Flange Bolts

Hexagon Bolts

Hex Flange Nuts

Hexagon Nuts

Threaded Rods ASTM A193 B7

Studs B7


These Pipe Fasteners are Widely Used in

Water Supply Pipeline Projects

Water Pipe Rehabilitation Projects

Pipe Replacement and Lead Reduction Program

Pipeline Construction Projects

Water Pipe Transmission Projects


We are a pipe fasteners manufacturer and supplier, except above bolts, nuts and studs, other fasteners for water pipelines applications can also available in our production lines.


For more information about pipe fasteners or seeking for suggestion for water pipelines projects, please feel free to contact us by info@fastenwell.cn.


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