07 Jun 2022

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Automotive fasteners are those components which are used in vehicle assembly and automotive industries and consist of bolts, nuts, screws, washers, anchors, studs and threaded rods. These automotive fasteners are the mechanical components that help in joining, holding or fixing two or more parts together.

With the rapid development of automotive industry, the demand for automotive fasteners and solutions are increasing dramatically. Especially high quality, durable and safety automotive bolts and fasteners, grade 8.8, grade 10.9, grade 12.9. 

Fastenwell as an automotive bolts and nuts suppliers, we manufacture, stock and supply different automotive bolts and nuts which you can find below,


Do you how many fasteners does a car have?

A motor vehicle carry more than 3500pcs automotive fasteners. 


What are automotive fasteners?

Automotive fasteners, as its name suggest, are bolts, nuts, screws, washers, clips used in motor vehicle assembling, most common seen in cars and trucks. As an automotive bolts and nuts suppliers, Fastenwell offers a comprehensive automotive solutions worldwide.


What are the main types of automotive fasteners?

There are three main types of automotive fasteners, bolts, nuts and screws. Quality requirements for automotive fasteners and clips are very high and factory produce automotive fasteners must qualified and have relative certificate like ITAF16949, Fastenwell, as an automotive bolts and nuts suppliers, we have abtain the certificate ITAF16949 in 2019. 


Coating for Automotive Bolts and Fasteners

Zinc-Nickel Alloy: high corrosive conditions like body connection bolts, engine fixing bolt,fuel tank connecting bolts, etc.

Zinc Aluminum Coating: High corrosive condition like steering knuckle and control arm, steel fasteners for connecting aluminum alloy parts.

Galvanized Coating: Medium corrosive condition like connecting bolts at the doors, suspension bolts for the hood, etc.

Electroplated Zinc: Low corrosive environment like seat and guide rail.

Oxidation & Anti-Corrosion Phosphating: Oil resistant for engine, gearbox and oil contact bolts.

Decorative Chrome: Protective decoration for high-end cars nuts, bolts and screws.


Fastenwell is one of the leading automotive bolts and nuts suppliers who develops, manufactures and supply a variety of automotive bolts and fasteners, nuts and screws for cars used in power system, steering, braking, seating, lighting etc, like Engine Bolts and Studs, Metal Automotive Fasteners, Plastic Automotive Fastener, Automotive Panel Fastener, Thread Forming Fasteners, Gear Head Fasteners, Studs and Ball Studs.


For more information about automotive bolts and fasteners, please feel free to reach us by info@fastenwell.cn, we will be happy to be your reliable automotive bolts and nuts suppliers in long term.


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