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Fastenwell is a bolts and nuts manufacturers located in Ningbo, China. We mainly produce and export hex nuts, structural nuts, flange nuts, nylon locking nuts.


Types of Nuts Fastenwell Manufacture and Supply

Hex Nuts: DIN 934, DIN 555

Hex Flange Nuts: DIN 6923

Nylon Lock Nuts: DIN 982, DIN 985

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How many types of Nuts?


What are hex nuts?

Hexagon nuts are one of the most common seen nuts in fastener industry. As its name suggest, hex nuts are nuts with six sides, which usually works with hexagon head bolts, hex structural bolts, heavy hex bolts. Fastenwell as a leading bolts and nuts suppliers, we mainly manufacture, stock and supply hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, structural nuts etc.


What is the difference between a hex nut and a jam nut?

A standard hex nut and a jam nut are usually fasten against each other instead of again materials. Jam nuts are for locking purpose to prevent the primary nut from loosening.


What is a full hex nut?

A full hex nut usually works with a hex head bolt, structural bolts, heavy hex bolts, studs bolts. Full hex nuts size range from M2 to M64, grade 5, grade 8 and grade 10 are available, surface available are zinc plated, plain, hot dip galvanized etc.


What is the difference between a hex nut and a heavy hex nut?

As its name suggest, heavy hex nut are heavier and thicker than hex nuts. Heavy hex nuts are bigger sizes and diameter which can bear more wight and pressure, especially used in construction applications.


What is a Grade 5 hex nut?

Nuts grade are grade 2, grade 5, grade 8, grade 10 etc, they are made of different materials and have different performance, grade 5 hex nuts are made of medium carbon steel.


How does a hex nut work?

Hex nuts are one of the main types of fasteners with a threaded hold. They are always used in conjunction with bolts, studs or threaded rods to fasten different parts together. Hex nuts and hex bolts are with six sizes, a hex nut can prevent a hex bolt from turning and loosening.


What are flange nuts used for?

Flange nuts have a wide surface area to splitting the load from materials, thus to preventing the nuts from tapping into the materials. This wide surface area actually works as a washer to undertake some of the pressure surrounding the flange nuts. Serrated hex flange nuts are one of the main nuts Fastenwell produce and supply.


Do you need lock washer with flange nut?

You can leave out washers when using a flange nut because flange nuts with a wide flange which works as a washer to help bearing the pressure from the materials.


Is standard for flange nut?

A standard metric hex flange nut are conform to DIN6923. Sizes available are M5 to M20, zinc plated, HDG, plain and black surface available from Fastenwell’s nuts series.


What are flange bolts and nuts?

Flange bolts have a flange on its bolts head, which a flange nuts with a wide flange on one end of the nuts works as a integrated washers.


What is nylon insert lock nut?

A nylon insert lock nut is a kind of locking nut with a nylon collar that increases friction on the bolts or screws thread.


How does a nylon lock nut work?

A nylon lock nut is differ from a standard hex nut because it has a polymer collar inserted in the upper end of the nut. The polymer collar has a slightly smaller diameter than the nut and which will deforms when the fastening strength or pressure becomes heavy.


When should you use a lock nut?

Locking nuts are widely used to fasten parts made of soft materials, for example plastics, wood and aluminum. Because soft materials deforms when there is high pressure coming from surroundings.


Where to buy bolts and nuts in bulk?

Fastenwell is one of the leading bolts and nuts suppliers and manufacturers since 15 years ago, our fasteners range include hex bolts and nuts, structural bolts and nuts, flange bolts and nuts, carriage bolts and nuts, nylon lock nuts, serrated flange nuts etc. Please feel free to ask us for the best prices and delivery.

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