Zinc Plated Hexagon Head Cap Screws and Bolts

Zinc Plated Hexagon Head Cap Screws and Bolts

Hex Cap Bolts is one type of hex head bolts, say standard DIN 931, DIN601, black bolts and zinc plated bolts are most common seen in the market.

Hexagon Head Cap Screws and Bolts

People sometimes are confused about hex tap screws and hex cap screws, here we will introduce the difference

between a hex tap bolt and hex cap bolt.

Hex tap bolts have full threads regardless of their size, that means, the threads on a tap bolt goes from the tip

all the way to the underside of bolt head.

Hex cap screws may have a shoulder in longer sizes, which increases tensile strength of the bolt and makes them stronger.

Both hex tap screws and hex cap screws are typically installed with a nut and designed to be driven by a wrench or socket driver.

And if a hex cap screw is small enough to lose its shoulder it can also be considered a hex tap bolt.


Hex Cap Bolts Product Details

  • Standard: DIN931
  • Material: Steel, Alloy Steel
  • Size: M3-M64
  • Grade: 8.8, 10.9, 12.9
  • Surface Finish: Plain, Black, Zinc, Hot dip galvanizing
  • Thread: Half thread
  • Application: Construction and Industrial projects
  • Package: Small box, or 25kgs/carton, 36cartons/pallet
  • Delivery: 30-60 days
  • Customized products available as per your samples or design.


Hot-selling Hex Bolts

Our bolts range including hexagon head bolts, hex tap bolts, hexagon structural bolts, hex cap bolts, carriage bolts, hex flange bolts,

hex socket head cap bolts, machine bolts etc.

If you couldnot find the bolts you want in our page, please send picture or drawing to our sales representives.

Hex Cap Bolts Production

Bolts are the main products we have in our production lines. Small boxes or regular cartons package are available.

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