07 Jun 2022

Bolts and Nuts for Mining Industry

Bolts and Nuts for Mining Industry | Mining Bolts and Nuts Manufacturer


Fastenwell, as a leading bolts and nuts manufacturers in China, we serve customers from different industrial and construction applications, like oil & gas, energy, mining, piping, agriculturing as well as automotive industry.


Mining applications are extremely conditions, which require the fasteners, bolts and nuts for mining industry must be dependable, durable and effective with the right strength and power. Fastenwell manufacture and customize various types of ming fasteners, bolts and nuts to meet the comprehensive requirements of customers from mining industry, which including, high strength hex bolts and nuts, structural bolts and nuts, carriage bolts and nuts, square bolts and T bolts etc.


Our comprehensive products range support us in serve various customers from ming industry, from surface operation to underground contruction and supporting systems and equipements. Fastenwell's customers are mostly in below sections:


Mining Tunnel Construction and Maintenance Fasteners(Entrance and Exit)

Underground or Surface Ming Equipment Fasteners

Mining and Digging Equipments Fasteners

Crushing Machine Fasteners

Mine Construction & Site Extension Construction

Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers

Drilling, Scalping & Screener Equipment Manufacturers


Types of Ming Bolts and Nuts we Manufacture

Mining Construction Bolts

Hex Bolts

Structural Bolts

Hex Cap Screws

Cup Head Bolts

Carrige Bolts

Square Bolts

T Bolts

Heavy Hex Bolts A325

Rock Bolts

Anchor Bolts

Heavy Hex Nuts

Structural Nuts

Nylon Lock Nuts


Types of Surface Treatment for Ming Bolts and Nuts

Black, Zinc Plated, HDG, Dacromet and Other Special Surfaces


Type of Materials Ming fasteners, bolts and nuts use

High Tensile Carbon Steel, conform to requirements of ISO 898 grade 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

Construction Steels A307, ASTM A325, A490, ASTM F436


Fastenwell manufacture, customize and provide fasteners solutions for various mining applications, if any mining bolts and nuts inquiry, please feel free to contact us by info@fastenwell.cn. We are here to support you with our expertise in serving customers in mining industry.


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