30 Nov 2022

Furniture Screws and Bolts Manufacturer | Metric Furniture Bolts | Furniture Screws and Nuts

Furniture Screws and Bolts Manufacturer | Metric Furniture Bolts | Furniture Screws and Nuts

Fastenwell is leading manufacturer of bolts and screws in China, and furniture bolts and screws are one of our main products which exported worldwide, especially in Europe, Asia and America market.

We produce, stock and supply many different types of furniture bolts and screws including standard furniture screws and fasteners, specialty furniture screws, wood furniture fasteners, furniture connector bolts, hex socket cap screws, chipboard screws, confirmat screws, euro screws, sheet metal steel screws, hanger bolts, as well as different furniture nuts like T nuts, D nuts and barrel nuts etc. Looking for metric furniture bolts and screws? Please feel free to write us at info@fastenwell.cn


General Technical Specifications for furniture screws and bolts

Products Name: Furniture bolts and screws, chipboard screws, hex socket cap screws, confirmat screws, euro screws, sheet metal steel screws, tee nuts, barrel nuts

Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, brass

Finish: zinc, nickel, black, hot dipped galvanized

Head type: Round or flat head furniture bolts with phillip, pozi, torx drives etc

Applications: Home & office furniture like furniture screws for bed, office chair screws etc.


What are furniture screws called?

Furniture screws, also called furniture cam screws, furniture connector bolts, wood furniture screws etc, are sheet metal screws used in commercial or residential furnitures.


What size are furniture screws?

The most common seen furniture screws are number M6, M8, and M10, as well as m4 furniture screws, m6 furniture bolts, m8 furniture bolts, the larger the number the bigger the thickness. Most customers asking for furniture connector bolts m6, M8, and some also use m4 furniture screws. We can produce and supply as customer’s specific requirements, customize furniture screws can also be provided. For more metric furniture bolts and screws specifications, please feel free to write us by info@fastenwell.cn, we will check and revert soon.


Why are screws used in higher quality furniture?

Furniture screws are highly resistant to rust and corrosion which can prevent moisture coming in contact with sheet metal screws, also it has a perfect holding strength which more preferable and durable than nails, so furniture screws is usually recommended for plywood funitures.


Are bolts or screws better for wood?

To use bolts or screws it depends on the practical applications. Theorectically speaking bolts offer better holding strenth than screws, and bolts can be used on anything from metal, wood to concrete as they provide the best holding strength compared to other screws or nails. furniture connector bolts and nuts like m6 furniture bolts, m8 furniture bolts are very welcomed by furniture manufacturers or furniture bolts wholesalers.


What types of furniture screws are most common seen?

There are different typles of furniture screws like chipboard screws, confirmat screws, hex socket cap screws, sheet metal screws etc.


Should I use nails or screws for furniture?

We would suggest you using screws for furnitures. Screws will keep wood together when faced with vertical force and won't break down when lots of vertical force is applied to them. Nails are able to bend under pressure, and rarely snap when subjected to shear force. They've got a lot of shear strength. But they don't have a lot of grip or tensile strength.


What are the strongest screws for wood?

Lag screw is the strongest in the family of wood furniture fasteners. It is a sturdy and durable fastener often designed with an externally driven hex drive or square head. Lag screws feature a tapered point and coarse threads and are typically tougher and much heavier than conventional wood screws, which can often be found in commercial or residential furnitures.


What is the best screw for plywood?

Furniture screws and fasteners like sheet metal Steel screw is the best screw for plywood, they usually have a helical thread that spirals most of the way up the shaft. These screws are designed to keep plywood intact, minimize fiber damage and sustain lateral movement without snapping or warping.


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